Beware - Heavily Seasoned

At Generation Snack, we strive to create the ultimate snacking experience. We've crafted a tasty attempt, with our heavily seasoned kettle cooked potato chips.

In order to champion taste, we’ve developed some
potent and complex varieties of the most popular flavor picks. 

We season our chips a lot. We add some 10% seasoning to our chips, which guarantees a tasty experience.

It might be too intense or too much for some. And that’s okay.

Functional and Recyclable Packaging

The box-style packaging is not only for looks or protection of the chips.

The box also doubles as a serving tray, so you don’t have to eat out of a foil bag when sharing with friends.
It might be that magic snacking moment you might be looking for.

Recycle with cardboard when you’re done. 

We’re aware that in some use-cases our box can be considered unnecessary packaging, despite the functionality of the tray. We therefore encourage our customers to help minimize our footprint, by recycling the serving tray and bag correctly. To assist, we’ve put clear and simple instructions on all our products.

In the meantime, we strive to develop a footprint-neutral solution that does not compromise the quality of your Generation Snack experience.