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Explore our collection of delicious and heavily seasoned kettle cooked potato chips.
Generation Snack chips are made from the finest Scandinavian potatoes, which are sliced (peel-on), kettle cooked, and heavily seasoned in Generation Snack’s proprietary seasoning mixtures.

In order to champion taste, we’ve developed some intense and complex varieties of the most popular flavor picks.

The protective box doubles as a serving tray - easier for sharing with friends or on-the-go.

Introduced in three different flavors - check them out below.

Exotic Salt

Being super salty usually isn’t the greatest :) Yet, in the realm of potato chips it might just be.
Add some sweetness, black pepper and a few other tweaks to this classic to get a ridiculously tasty and exotic salt experience.

Ingredients & nutritional information

59,00 kr. per box


Golden Sour Cream & Onion

As the popular choice, sour cream & onion hardly needs an introduction.
This one has been nudged with sweet onionsshallots and buttermilk to create a tasty and golden crowd favourite.

Ingredients & nutritional information

59,00 kr. per box


Juicy Barbecue

When fire meets food, barbecue magic happens. In that case, let’s add the depth of black garlic, the sweetness of honey, a tropical touch of mango, and a pinch of chili.
Now you might have the juiciest magic trick ever performed.

Available in 75g and 200g sizes.

Ingredients & nutritional information

59,00 kr. per box


About Generation Snack

Chances are that you love potato chips. Great.

We’ve prepared exactly that for you (btw these ones are kettle cooked, thick and crunchy, plus we’ve left the peel on)

Perhaps you prefer chips loaded with seasoning. Also great. We’ve gone all-out to season your chips as heavily as technically possible.

Oh right, and the protective box doubles as a serving tray for your chips, so you don’t have to eat out of a foil bag.

That’s pretty much the essence of your Generation Snack experience.



Generation Snack chips are produced by our production partner across the bridge in southern Sweden, whose product has won multiple best-in-test accolades.
Our product is finally assembled and packaged in Greater Copenhagen.

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Beware - Heavily seasoned

In order to champion taste, we’ve developed some potent and complex varieties of the most popular flavor picks.

We season our chips a lot. We add some 10% seasoning to our chips, which guarantees a tasty experience.

It might be too intense or too much for some.
And that’s okay.

Functional and Recyclable Packaging

The box-style packaging is not only for looks or protection of the chips. The box also doubles as a serving tray, so you don’t have to eat out of a foil bag when sharing with friends.

Re-close the box to save some chips for later, and recycle with cardboard when you’re done.

Our cardboard boxes are made from FSC®-certified sources, guaranteeing that the wood is harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable 💚.

Our artists.

Creative collabs with independent artists is part of Generation Snack’s product DNA. We consider the front of our packaging a placeholder for showcasing the work of current international visual art talent. To keep things interesting, we strive to constantly add new artworks in rotation for each flavor.

Do you know someone (maybe yourself), who you think should create the next artwork for the Juicy Barbecue box? Exotic Salt? Or for a new flavor? Suggest us a an artist - maybe you’ll see their creations on the next Generation Snack box you get.

Suggest an artist

For our introductory three flavors, we’ve been working with three different international visual art talents. Each artist has created a custom artwork for one of the boxes, showcasing their unique style while fusing it with the Generation Snack packaging design.

Please meet the artists behind the current artworks on Generation Snack products below.

Arsek & Erase

Arsek & Erase are a worldwide known graffiti duo. They travel all over the world showcasing their graffiti talents for festivals, municipalities or just random building walls.



Aleksandra Georgieva, known as Sashettu, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. With a little bitter-sweet taste of irony and sarcasm she creates the vibrant colorful world of her subconscious.


Boris Pramatarov

Boris Pramatarov is a Bulgarian visual artist widely known for his drawings and illustrations. His illustrations have been published in the New York Times, De Standard (BE) and Kapital (BG).


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