Creative collaborations are part of Generation Snack’s DNA.

We believe that meshing our own creative visions with those of progressive thinkers, doers, brands, and organizations, holds the power to create unique and exciting experiences, otherwise impossible to accomplish by ourselves.

For artistic collaborations, we consider the front of our packaging a canvas for showcasing the work of current international visual art talent. To keep things interesting, we strive to constantly add new artworks in rotation for each of our flavors.

Below, you can browse through some of our favourite collaborations with visual artists, music artists, film-makers and other friends.


Emil Kock

Emil Kock is a self-taught Danish painter and artist. Based in Aarhus, Emil creates figurative and surreal motives, inspired by his surroundings.

There will often appear several motives in his works, as he often turns his paintings around on all four sides, until the painting tells him what it should come out to be.

Keep an eye out for this young and progressive painter, and make sure to check out Emil’s universe on his Instagram.



Joseph Melhuish

Joseph is a British illustrator, animator, director, and DJ, whose toolbox is invisible to the naked eye: he namely sculpts many of his forceful characters with virtual tools, behind a Virtual Reality headset.

The creations of the London-based multi-artist guarantee refreshing urban-futuristic vibrations, and to no surprise, Joseph has worked with big brands like Nike, Spotify, and MTV.




Meet Bink Walstra, a 20-year-old digital artist from the Netherlands, also known as Bonkstraa

Bink blends humanoid figures with captivating procedural effects to convey complex emotions through his art. 

Follow him om his impressive creative journey as the best is yet to come from this talented Dutchman.




Artem Chebokha is a Montenegrin digital artist working under the name RHADS.

Often with the sky as his muse, RHADS crafts stunning artworks and exhibits his love for symbolism throughout his impressive portfolio. 

Despite his majestic and dramatic render of the natural world, his art manages to invoke a sense of calm altogether.




Elliot Gray, also known as Holosuites, is an American digital artist who creates vidid, surreal and soft glimpses into a world beyond our own.

You can find their art in magazines like the New York Times Magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Holosuites do a lot of EDM and other music cover artwork, for artists like Freddy Todd and OPIUO.



Arsek & Erase

Arsek & Erase are a worldwide known graffiti duo. They travel all over the world showcasing their graffiti talents for festivals, municipalities or just random building walls.




Aleksandra Georgieva, known as Sashettu, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. With a little bitter-sweet taste of irony and sarcasm she creates the vibrant colorful world of her subconscious.



Boris Pramatarov

Boris Pramatarov is a Bulgarian visual artist widely known for his drawings and illustrations. His illustrations have been published in the New York Times, De Standard (BE) and Kapital (BG).